Buying Fancy Color Diamonds


Buying a natural fancy color diamond is a completely different experience than buying a colorless, or white diamond. When purchasing a white diamond, most people can estimate how much they may spend and how the piece will look before you walk into a store. This is because they’ve likely seen the piece or similar pieces on friends or family member, and may have tried it on several times before coming in to purchase.


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Shopping for color diamonds, however, is a far different experience. In order to get the most out of your purchase, it is important that you set aside prejudice and misconceptions about color, cut, shape, and size. This is because the rules for color diamonds are different than most people have heard, and these misconceptions can seriously limit your options when it comes to investing in a color diamod.

 Unlike white diamonds, carat weight is not the most important characteristic for determining the value of a color diamond. Instead, the rarity of the color is the most important determining factor. For example, a single carat red diamond will likely be worth much more than even a 10 carat yellow diamond. When it comes to determining best diamond value for your budget, it is better t o compromise on size than on color saturation, as this also determines the value and appreciation of the stone.